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A fresh start...?

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There are times when you just need to close the book on whatever it is has happened in the past, and move forward. Just stop with the regrets, the admonishments, the 'I should haves' and remember that it is the present and future that you have the power to change; what has gone before is gone forever. My father picked up a phrase several years ago, during a particularly trying period in our family history... it hit a chord for him, and right now, for Kidd's Ink, I can't think of a better way to put it: 'Give up all hope of a better past'.

It's time for a fresh start here, and for that matter, it's also time for a fresh outlook on just what it is I want to accomplish with my life. Either I write, or I don't. And I do write, just not with discipline. More, either I blog or I don't, and thus far, I've not done this lovely blog that Falconer set up for me any kind of justice.

I don't know if I will ever do it justice, but it's time to find out if blogging is something I want to do or not. Whether it's drivel or inspired, I'll never know if I keep procrastinating about this!



Benjamin H. Roberts

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For Ben

Son, brother, friend, companion,
Talented craftsman.
You are in our hearts
May you find the peace and happiness
So elusive in your life..
Until we meet again.

October 9 1980 - April 21 2007


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This is not just your average SSDD kind of blog. You never know what may pop up in here, from day to day; it could be a lecture, an opinion, a poem, a story, and sometimes, when the creative juice just won't run, you'll probably find a post or two with random words just thrown together... welcome to my Eden, my Hades, my sanctuary and my peril.

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